Israel and Ukraine are the new all-around and team European Champions!

The first European Champions of 2020 were crowned today in Kyiv (UKR) as the senior groups performed their 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs routines to conclude their all-around battle. The junior individuals competed with clubs and ribbons for a place on the team podium and in the apparatus finals.

After day 1, the group of Azerbaijan led with half a point advantage over Israel who produced a stunning hoops & clubs routine to clinch their first European all-around title. Ukraine overtook Estonia in an exciting battle for bronze.

The joint effort of the host nation’s senior group and junior individuals ensured the victory in the team competition was theirs, narrowly edging Israel by just 0.250. Azerbaijan grabbed the bronze medal.

Ukraine’s Melania Tur posted the highest score of the junior qualification round, 23.800 with ribbon to advance to the final ahead of Yelyzaveta Zorkina (BLR) and Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN). With ribbon Daria Atamanov (ISR) scored 21.500 to edge Dina Agisheva (BLR) and Stliana Nikolova (BUL) for the top spot.


Results (top 3):

Senior groups all-around

1.            Israel 67.575

2.            Azerbaijan 66.300

3.            Ukraine 63.700


1.            Ukraine 237.150

2.            Israel 236.900

3.            Azerbaijan 226.175

Qualified to apparatus finals:



1.            Melaniia Tur (UKR) 23.800

2.            Yelyzaveta Zorkina (BLR) 23.550

3.            Evelin Viktoria Kocsis (HUN) 23.150

4.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 22.700

5.            Annaliese Dragan (ROU) 22.100

6.            Alina Gozalova (AZE) 22.000

7.            Lily Ramonatxo (FRA) 21.950

8.            Eva Brezalieva (BUL) 21.050



1.            Daria Atamanov (ISR) 21.500

2.            Dina Agisheva (BLR) 21.250

3.            Stliana Nikolova (BUL) 21.200

4.            Narmin Bayramova (AZE) 20.675

5.            Karina Sydorak (UKR) 20.350

6.            Annaliese Dragan (ROU) 19.400

7.            Elsa Somville (FRA) 18.250

8.            Anette Vaher (EST) 17.850



3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs

1.            Israel 33.475

2.            Azerbaijan 31.700

3.            Ukraine 31.700

4.            Estonia 31.000

5.            France 29.625

6.            Turkey 28.300


You can find the complete results on

The competition continues tomorrow with the apparatus finals.

November 27, 2020

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